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About Hot Jocks 


Who are you and how long have you been around?

We are now owned by the Floor Five Pty Ltd group of online stores.  Our parent company is MetroSpire Pty Ltd.  The company owns businesses including other online stores in Australia since 2007 and has stores that have been in business since 2003.  Floor Five is a leading online retailer in Australia.  You can read more about us at our corporate website here.


Where do you operate from?

We have our entire operations including offices and warehousing in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.  You can see our contact details here.


Do you have a physical store?

Nope!  We're a dedicated online retail store only.  We're just on the Internet but that doesn't mean we're not real and it certainly doesn't mean we don't deliver a retail experience.  We want to make sure you enjoy shopping online with us as much (or even more than) as if you were shopping in a mall. 


Are all the guys that work at Hot Jocks actually hot?

We're far too modest to really say...but we'd like to think so!




Can I place a phone order?

Sure!  We are happy to assist in any way we can with phone orders. 
You can see our contact details here.


How do I know if the product I want is in stock?

Everything is in stock!  Our system maintains a perpetual inventory.  You will not be able to purchase a product if we don't actually have it in stock - instead the website will tell you that the product is unavailable when you try to add the size / colour combination to your cart.  Of course stock errors can happen but this is rare and we'll contact you if we're not able to supply any item for any reason to give you the option of waiting for it to come in, or immediately refunding your money.


How do I know the products are genuine and authentic?

Because we're part of a trusted network.  Our company, Floor Five, is well respected and trusted by thousands of customers around the world.  You can contact any of the brands that we stock directly to verify that we are an authorised retailer of their product.  We'd be happy to assist you with this if you have any concerns.

What payment options are there?

We accept American Express, Visa, MasterCard and PayPal.  We also accept Bank Transfer for Australian customers.


I don't live in Australia - can I order anyway?

Absolutely!  We ship to almost every corner of the globe.  You'll be able to enter in all your shipping and delivery information at the checkout.


Can I order a product that you don't currently have in stock?

We're happy to help where possible.  If it's from a brand that we already stock, we should be able to get it in for you.  Just contact us.


Can I cancel my order?

Sure!  We're really easy going.  Just contact us and we'll get it sorted out for you no problems at all.  Once your order has been shipped, we can't cancel it but you're more than welcome to return the order for a refund less any shipping costs.


What is the default currency for all prices?

All prices are listed in Australian Dollars and you will be billed in Australian Dollars.  We do offer a currency converter on product pages which will estimate the price in many different currencies.


Do your prices include taxes (GST)?

Yes.  All prices on our website include any applicable Australian GST (Goods & Services Tax).  The price you see is the price you pay.  (International customers outside of Australia may be subject to paying import taxes or duty from local goverments).


Do you match prices from other stores?

We try real hard to make sure our online prices are competitive.  If you find one of our prices to be higher than an Aussie competitor, please contact us to sort it out for you.


Are my credit card and payment details safe and secure?

Absolutely.  Your credit card information is processed by one of Australia's largest and most trusted banks (ANZ) and is 100% secure.  So secure in fact that even WE don't know or see your credit card information as all payments are processed by the secure bank connection or by PayPal.


What about my personal account information - is that safe and secure?

Yes.  We're serious about protecting your information and we will never break our bond of trust with you - our customers.  You can see our full Privacy Policy here


Can I spend as much money as I want on hot undies without actually having to talk to a teenaged sales clerk behind a counter?

Hell yes!  In fact we encourage you to!  We aren't here to judge, just to pack and send as many comfy and hot new pairs of undies your way as you like.  We'll even smile while doing it.


Returns & Exchanges


Can I get my money back if I change my mind or don't like something when it arrives?

Yep!  We know it's sometimes difficult to really know what a product is like by looking at pictures on the Internet so we make it real simple and real easy to return or exchange products.  To find out more, read our full Returns & Exchanges Policy here.


Where is your returns and exchanges information, policy and instructions page?

Here - just click this link.


Can I wear my undies for a few months then decide I kinda wish I had've got red instead of white and send them back to you?

That's a negative there bucko!  We love fresh new undies as much as you do - so only fresh new ones can be returned.


Shipping & Delivery


Can I pick up my order from you?

Unfortunately not.  We're an online store and operate out of a warehouse.  We're not set up to accept customers at our premesis.


I'm overseas - will you send to me?

Yep!  We ship to almost every corner of the globe.


Can I track my order?

Totally - the whole way.  Every order has a tracking number and you'll receive e-mail updates along the way regarding the status and location of your order.  You can also log onto the Australia Post website or local mail tracking service to track down your precious underwear cargo.


Where is your Shipping Information page?

Here - just click this link for detailed information on our shipping services, prices, times and policies.


Do you send to P.O. Boxes?

Yes.  We send to anywhere Australia Post will deliver (which is pretty much everywhere).


How the hell do you guys get orders out to customers with lightning speed?

Our warehouse manager was a super hero in a past life.  Plus we have a highly sophisticated fulfillment system and Express Post link in with Australia Post which means we can get orders out to customers overnight in many cases.   But mostly it's 'cause of the super hero thing.


Other Stuff


Order status changed to "Awaiting Fulfillment" - what the hell does that mean?

Don't stress - it just means that we have your order all paid and it's waiting for our warehouse to pack it up.


Order status changed to "Awaiting Shipment" - what does that mean?

This is good news.  It means our warehouse has packed up your order and it's ready to be collected by Australia Post to be on it's way to you.


I'm experiencing technical difficulties with your site.  Can you help?

Yes we can.  Our website is a complicated piece of code and is optimised for current web browsers such as Internet Explorer 8 and 9 and Firefox.  Our website does NOT work using IE6.  We also recommend you have cookies enabled to enjoy the correct shopping experience we intended for you.  If you are experiencing technical difficulties, please contact us and we will be able to assist.


My products arrived and are faulty or have a problem - what do I do?

Don't worry - we're here to help and we'll make sure it all gets sorted out for you at no charge to you.  Just contact us.


Who washed Washington's white woolen underwear when Washington's washer woman went west?

We haven't got the faintest idea.  But we ain't got any of that woolen stuff around here....and we prefer the use of a washing machine rather than a woman.  One thing we can say about the undies we have here:  they may be sexy or they may be safe but they're all Hot Jocks

....but we're pretty sure we know exactly how much wood a woodchuck could chuck if a woodchuck could chuck woodGet it?

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